Getting on your hillbilly is easy with Hillbilly madness. You find yourself hunting down the alien scourge that has abducted Daisy the dairy cow! You find yourself at the end of a long farm road, right in front of you there is a tyre iron and a “chicken knife.” Yes, you hear me, a chicken knife. You have a choice. Take the chicken knife or take the tyre iron and rescue Daisy!

Chicken knife!
Chicken knife!

Explore Hillbilly Madness

There are a number of locations for you to export in Hillbilly madness. Each area comes with a risk and a reward. You can find yourself taking on the worst of the hillbillies and rewarded handsomely with some dynamite or a nice pump action shotgun!

As you venture deeper in to the level you began to find new enemies, angry dogs owned by the hillbillies are now hot on your tail. Do you take them out with your chicken knife? Or do you get creative and throw a stick of dynamite or two?


The choice is yours!

This fun little homage to Redneck Rampage has you fighting all manner of hillbillies and their dogs. Don’t forget, however, there is more to this tale than meets the eye.

End game spoiler and strategy

This is it, the end game. Once you have fought off the hillbillies, dogs and police with their “sniper shotguns” you are ready to take on the Alien scourge!

There are four aliens in the corn field that will chase you down and if they connect, to a massive amount of damage!

The best way to take out these aliens? Run past them all and get them into a group. As you run, drop a stick of dynamite by your feet and keep running. The wick burns down and BOOM! Bye bye alien scum!

Head back in to the corn field and under the flying saucer is your beloved Daisy!

Want to try to win the game yourself? You can download it and play for free right here!
Also check out the developer page to learn more and see their other titles.

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