And this is why Dark Skies is the best Game Guru Classic Game

Dark Skies is new, but remember those games from the late 90s, early 2000s? May Payne, Resident Evil and even half life? Well, honestly the looked like crap by today’s standards, but heck they were fun! And this is why Dark Skies ranked as I believe the best game ever created on Game Guru Classic to date.

Detail and design

Dark skies have extremely well-designed levels and insanely well curated soundscape. The graphics are from the 90s and the AI can be a bit on the stupid side. This can be forgiven because the game has been so well-thought-out that it is easy to ignore these minor flaws.

One of the funniest bugs I have managed to find in the game is that of the moon walking mutant!


The levels themselves have painstaking put together, leaving no detail in touched. The sheer quantity of assets that fill out each level is staggering! You would think, with this older engine, show things down. Needless to say, this is not the case. Each asset has been carefully created and placed to optimise gameplay, making the experience silky smooth. 

Even with this late 90s look, the game itself looks stunning, I mean just check out these sky boxes!

Oooo Pretty

Dark Skies Still in development

The best part about this game is that it is still being actively developed. The recent editions to Game Guru Classic have been incorporated in the Dark skies. This includes but not exclusive to HBAO as well as the engine being upgraded to 64bit. Yes. It was until recently 32 bit.

This give the game an even more impressive look and feel as well as increase in performance. 
From well places jump scares to the eerie vibe that you get from all the levels, this game is just amazing to play.

emmisive textures
Emmisive textures

In depth story line really helps to drive home the feel of the game and well sitting there listening to the dialogue just made me want to find out what the heck was actually going on!

Dark Skies is developed by DK productions. It is one of 2 awesome titles developed by this solo indie developer on steam, Check them out!

Low cost

As a fellow developer and an avid game player, the merger $11.50 it is on the steam store frankly is too low. The value you get from enjoying this interactive story is well worth it!

For anyone out there looking for a fun, well-thought-out in depth storyline. Oh and dont forget a 90s vibe, dark skies is for you. If you want to support this developer out, you can head to his website DK Productions

You can also find the Developer’s profile and links right here on 42pixels so check it out!

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