Game Guru Classic Update, Bug Fixes and Features what’s new?

It has been no small feat for the TGC (the game creators) who have released the December updates for Game Guru Classic. Since the addition of 64 bit and opening up the platform for contributors, the engine has seen dramatic improvement and renewed interest. First released back in 2015 the engine according to it’s GitHub repository on December 7 2022 is finally bug free!

The list of all the bugs we fixed in this update in Game Guru Classic:

  • Fixed issue of building hulks exported from Building Editor from not showing/crashing
  • Added support for ‘baseColorMap0-99’ field in FPE to directly texture meshes by mesh index
  • Updated GameGuru Converter to produce more stable DBO such as some weaponized character models
  • Refreshed binaries of latest build to match latest source code available on GitHub repo

More from TGC

TGC have also done a shoutout to the Classic community to submit their finished classic works too showcase the capabilities. With the implementation of procedural sky and the 64bit upgrade the quality of classic games is really starting to improve.

For what we have chosen as “the best game on steam from Classic” check out Dark Skies the Nemansk Incident.

Dark Skies

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