The down low

For the past few months GGMax has been set to be upgraded to DirectX 12. Initially this process was believed to only take a few weeks to implement. A number of weeks passed and the number of bugs and performance issues increased.

While it is not unusual for a program to encounter bugs during development it was decided that this was simply too much.

In last weeks live broad cast Lee Bamber announced that the upgrade to DX12 was simply a much larger job then initially anticipated. Despite continuing the port on his holiday, Lee toted around his laptop to continue the grind.

Returning from Holiday Lee met with TGC team who ultimately decided to roll back to DX11.9

The back lash

After the announcement, TGC received some criticism over the decision but in todays live broadcast Lee reiterated the reasoning behind the decision. To continue forward with the upgrade would take several months to get a fully functional working version of DX12. This would leave a number of users with a virtually unusable product.

The Decision to roll back to DX11.9 and focus on bug fixes before Christmas will give all users an equal footing and allow continued development of their games over the Christmas/new year period.

On top of that there is a significant AMD bug with the latest DX12 that causes continual crashes to Max. This alone should be more then enough for the community to show an understanding toward the decision that Lee and his team have made to roll back to DX11.9.

Final thought

At lest from my personal perspective, rolling back to DX11.9 is the best thing for the community right now. Yes it means that we will miss out on some of the features however this will only be temporary. DX12 will go ahead, just not yet.

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