Creating your game in Game Guru Max is certainly an easy process, but customisation will really make your game stand out from the crowd. One easy way to add that next level detail to your game is by adding custom terrain textures, and here is how you do it.

That you need

Seamless textures. Yes, this might seem obvious, but it is the fundamental basis of the terrain textures. If you don’t have all the texture maps to create custom terrain textures, but you do have the color map, then head to this tutorial about custom PBR textures and walk through the steps to create the necessary maps.


Not much has changed here, you still need .PNG files for Game Guru Max to convert in to the .DDS format, so this is pretty straight forward.


This is now a little bit more important, before you were just able to place your simple .PNG files into a folder and import them, now you need a proper file structure and naming convention. Each folder will contain a color, normal, metalness, roughness and AO map and regardless of what the name of the texture is they need these map descriptors at the end of the file name. For instance, road_color, road_normal, Road, metalness and so on. Once you have this setup, it is in to Game guru max

File structure
Main folder
sub folders
Sub folders
Naming convention
Naming convention

Adding to game guru max

So now that we have our textures, it is time to import.
Head to your terrain editing tab and then down to change texture folder on the right-hand side.

From here, navigate to where you have saved your textures and select the folder. Once you hit import it can take a few minutest depending on your system specification, so give it some time, grab a drink and wait for the magic to happen!


And that is it! You should now be able to use your custom terrain textures with correct PBR setup. Below is the generated .DDS images from the .PNG that we imported!


One more thing!

If you don’t want to go through the process of creating your own custom terrain texture pack, then take a look at the texture packs we have available!


Nader-B10 and ZakJudges – Github

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