Import Custom Melee weapons game Guru Max, Here is what you will need

Max Ready Blender file

We all dream of our own custom weapons in our games, but until now it has been somewhat of a difficult task. Recently, changes have been made to Game Guru max and the addition of documentation outlining the process it is not only possible but easier than before to get your own melee weapons in to your game!

Time to get started

So just before we start, we need to make sure that we have the right applications, we need 3D editing software (I use Blender) and we also need frag motion. Fragmotion 1.3.6 is what I use because the newest version has taken out support for some features that I use and it doesn’t quite work as well as using 1.3 0.6. One more thing that you should grab if you jump onto the Discord server, or you can jump onto the website or make the link available there for download as well. Peck has created a downloadable zip file that’s based off Monkey Frog’s tutorial on sizing and importing.

Firstly, create or import your weapon in the .Blend file setup for GGMax once you have your weapon modelled or imported, we can export the file as a .fbx. Use the following settings for export.

Export settings
Screenshot credit Pek GGMax Discord Server

Next we are going to export the same model out but in the .OBJ format, the reason for this is that we will be converting it from .OBJ to .X with fragmotion and we will be using that to generate our weapon .DBO

Now you have exported your model, import it to GGMax as you would normally. Once imported open up two file explorers. Navigate to the gunspec SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\GameGuru MAX\Files\gamecore\guns and in the other one the location that you imported your custom model, typically this will be something like. Documents\GameGuruApps\GameGuruMAX\Files\entitybank\user

Duplicate a folder in your gamecore directory that is closest to your weapon type, in this case I have duplicated the Signaxe as the weapon that I am importing is also an axe

Duplicating your files

Head to the newly duplicated folder and rename it to your weapon name, open up the folder and delete all the texture files, .DBO files and any .x files that may be in that directory. Once deleted, open up your gunspec and change the weapon name to the same as your weapon but in all capitals.

Next, copy your .FPE, .DBO and textures from the import directory to your weapon directory. Duplicate the texture files and rename them to be weapon_color, weapon_norma and weapon_surface. Before moving on, you need to open up your .FPE for your new weapon and the .FPE for an existing weapon. copy all of the existing .FPE in to the new weapon and edit the following lines (see image below). Save and close.

Custom Melee weapons
Ensure the file path is correct


Now it is time to jump in to frag motion. We need to import the .OBJ in to fragmotion and scale it by 11. That should get us close to the size that we need for our weapon .DOB

Fragmotion  Custom Melee weapons
Make sure uniform scale is selected

Next, we export the weapon as weapon.x in to the entitybank folder of our Game Guru Max steam install. In the main foldfer for Game Guru Max there is a program called GameGuru-convert. This will convert your .X into a DBO.

From here, copy that .DBO into the weapons folder in your gunspec and that should be it, the rest from here if we have set it up right will be done in Game Guru Max!

Open up Game Guru Max bring up any level or a blank level and place down an enemy. Under behaviour, select the new weapon from the drop-down list and run a test game. This will generate a new HUD. End your test match and place the weapon down on the ground, run another test game and pick up the weapon. If you see two hands appear but no weapon, then you simply need to restart Game Guru Max. Repeat the process by placing a weapon on the ground and running a test game. That should be it!

If the positioning of the weapon is off, simply edit the .X, convert to .DBO and replace the .DBO in the weapons folder with the updated one. Delete the HUD again and re-assign the weapon to the enemy to generate the new hud.

This part can be fiddly, but once done you will have your new custom weapon!

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