Game Guru Max, a popular game development software, recently announced that it now supports Open VR. This is exciting news for developers and gamers alike, as it expands the possibilities for virtual reality gaming.

Open VR is an open standard for virtual reality devices and software. It allows developers to create VR content that is compatible with a wide range of VR hardware, including headsets and controllers from different manufacturers. By supporting Open VR, Game Guru Max now makes it easier for developers to create VR games and experiences that can be played on a variety of VR devices.

The addition of Open VR support to Game Guru Max is a welcome development for the VR gaming community. It will allow developers to create more immersive and interactive VR games, and give gamers access to a wider range of VR content. With the growing popularity of VR gaming, this is an exciting step forward for the industry.

Overall, the support for Open VR in Game Guru Max is a great advancement for the world of virtual reality gaming. It opens up new possibilities for developers and gamers, and we can’t wait to see what innovative VR experiences will be created with this software.

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