Meet Steve AKA (Necrym59), a semi-retired systems engineer and programmer who has been solving problems for a living for many years. With a diverse background ranging from large database work in online game systems to specialized solutions in automated digital and lighting engineering, Necrym has been called upon for a variety of tasks.

Necryms’s journey into game development started by accident. He was asked to develop a multi-user database system for Sony for a project they were working on with another company in the US. The project formed the database basis for an online MMO game, and being fascinated by the intricacies of data movement in a game an new passion was born.

Alien Covenant

During this project, Necrym was able to use his expertise in programming to bring the film to life, working on elements such as lighting cues and space ship console displays. This experience was a highlight of his career and he has fond memories of being able to bring his technical skills to the film industry. Although Necrym would have loved to have had a more prominent role in the film industry, he has now found a place where he can help others bring their games to life from behind the scenes. He takes pride in being able to provide support and technical knowledge to game developers and help bring their creative visions to life. This has become a fulfilling and rewarding aspect of his career, even if it wasn’t his original goal. Necrym’s passion for problem solving and bringing things to life has remained a constant throughout his diverse career, and he will continue to seek out new challenges and opportunities to do so.

Set of Alien Covenant
Console guide
Console guide

Necryms’s approach to problem-solving is practical. He believes in learning what is required and then translating that into a solution. He also believes in attacking problems from different angles, and not always trying to overcome a problem head-on.

Necrym, who is not a professional game maker, is highly passionate about bringing his ideas to life. He uses a combination of creative and technical tools to turn his prototypes into functioning designs. He has a strong preference for using Notepad++ for most of his coding work, as he finds it to be a reliable and efficient tool. Despite his lack of professional training, Necrym has a strong interest in fixing bugs and troubleshooting issues in his designs. He sees these bugs as a challenging puzzle that he is determined to solve, often persevering until he has found a solution. This tenacity and passion for problem-solving has made him a highly valued member of any team he works with, as he consistently demonstrates a commitment to delivering quality work.

With a background that started in the early days of consoles, Necrym has a deep appreciation for the evolution of technology and games. He has used a variety of game development tools over the years and believes that GameGuru Max has amazing potential as a deceivingly easy to pickup game maker with advanced capabilities.

The Future of Gaming

The future of games, according to Necrym, will see growth in all styles of games and an increased use of virtual reality technology. For now, Necrym is focused on solving Max related problems and making things so others can expand their game-making capabilities with GameGuru Max. He hopes that he has contributed positively to this field in some way.

Necrym is a problem solver at heart and has a passion for bringing things to life. His background, experience, and practical approach to problem-solving has made him an asset in to the Game Guru Max community leading the charge on a lot of the RPG features.

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