Welcome back everyone, Yes I am back it has been a while had a lot going on over the last year but we are back to start producing content again for the game Guru and here we are so today we’re going to be taking a look at the aircraft behavior


Setting the Foundation

Begin by ensuring Physics is set to physics off otherwise your VTOL will be floating in the air even before takeoff! Then navigate to the Behaviors section and apply the “Aircraft” behavior by Necrym to the VTOL

Tailoring Your Aircraft

Choose your aircraft type in this case VTOL will be what we are using however each type offers a unique flight experience.

For a seamless experience, fine-tune the pilot’s position. In our case, a VTOL is best positioned with the pilot being at 314 on the Y-axis and -500 on the Z-axis. Adjust these values based on your entity’s specifications if you are using a different model.

Refinement and Testing

With the fundamentals in place, it’s time for precision. Amplify velocity for that extra speed boost, and experiment with acceleration settings. While sound integration isn’t covered here, adding takeoff, landing, and flying sounds is a straightforward process.

Head to your test level, and there it is. Approach it, press E to fly, and take control. Use the spacebar for liftoff, W for forward movement, and the mouse for pitch and roll. Master steering with W and D, decelerate with S, and descend gracefully by holding Shift.

And on that…

A powerful yet accessible tutorial on embedding aircraft behavior in your game. As we rekindle our content creation journey, remember that while the backend may pose complexity, integrating this feature into your game is surprisingly straightforward.

Feel free to grab the Veto model from the tutorial—it might have minor texture stretching, but it serves as an excellent starting point for your creative ventures.

Stay tuned for more insightful tutorials and content from 42 Pixels. We’re thrilled to be back, and the journey ahead promises exciting developments. Until our next encounter, happy gaming!

Video Tutorial

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